Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Nae blacks, Irish or dogs and

Comedic pseudo racism


  1. I love how they also apparently sell "posh cards", classy.

    I was out taking pictures today and I saw one of your stickers on a lampost, got a few pics of it. Anyway that lead me here and onto your sound cloud page, nice tunes!

  2. Hi Kieran.
    First off the leithal stickers aren't mine! Loads of people have had the same idea. http://norrie.wordpress.com/ Leithal Yak.
    http://www.leithalthinking.com/ etc

    But I thank whoever is giving me the free publicity.. Was thinking of adding www.soundcloud.com to the stickers.!!

    Thanks for the kind words re my tunes..
    Good luck with the white graveyard.